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I am a Digital Marketing Passionate currently based in the city of Bogotá. My work experience has allowed me to work with businesses in Australia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Colombia and obviously the United States. I have had the pleasure of working with startUps that have been able to grow and have great worldwide recognition as takeaHand and Más Médicos, but also with large corporations and companies with problems of hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

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I was born on May 5, 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela, but I am also Colombian from my mother and father. My parents separated when I was 11 years old, that and several other things led us to live in different cities and each place has its teachings and invaluable people, but in Mérida it was where I graduated as a Systems Engineer at the University of Los Andes and where I made the best friends that neither distance nor time can separate.

I was always somewhat restless for business and to see opportunities. I had jobs from waiter, protocol or sanitary napkin salesman, to translator, technical support, project manager, I even taught a group of graduate students when I was still studying undergraduate.

I have lived in four countries. I grew up in Venezuela and when I became a professional the work led me to live in Ecuador, Chile and Colombia. I have developed as a Service Consultant in telecommunications companies and then as a Communications Consultant and finally, as a Marketing Consultant.

This is how the brand was created


First, I must admit that it all started when I arrived back in Colombia, I had just spent 6 months undertaking with takeaHand in the StartUp Chile program. Many people began to approach asking for advice and advice to boost their businesses, it was when I thought about carrying out an outsourcing business model from Venezuela and connecting with all the friends I had to create a groundbreaking offer in the market. At that time I did not know that I was going to discover a world that I would be passionate about and that would allow me to work as a freelancer, providing work for other professionals.

I created the outven agency (Outsoucing from Venezuela), it began to grow and I began to learn passionately, self-taught and accompanied by many experts, applying my knowledge as a consultant and team leader. Over time I realized that beyond an agency name, what people really attached importance to was the support I gave them and at the suggestion and advice of several coaches, I decided to transform the business into a personal brand .


When you are passionate about something like I am, it is easy to change many fun plans for work nights and weekends, you change trips for savings and you get excited when investing in courses or new technological tools. Achieving business growth, seeing people’s satisfaction when seeing results thanks to what we do, is and will continue to be my passion and I will never tire of learning and helping others.

What I have learned and can teach you:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • SEM (Google Ads, Search, Display, Video, Apps).
  • Community management in Social Networks.
  • Guide on Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Retargeting (Google, Social Networks and Apps).
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Integration of CRM HubSpot systems.
  • Marketing Dashboards.
  • Content marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Funnels.
  • Web analytics with Google Analytics.
  • Training and team leadership.
  • And much, much more.

Lo mejor que puedes hacer al emprender es rodearte de grandes personas


Natalia Guerrero


Ainiri Vargas

Graphic designer

Daniela Botero

Content Manager

Paola Contreras

Community Manager

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Jhovanny Giraldo

Web designer

Manuel Castellano

SEO Expert

Mafer Pinto

Web Developer


of Nick Marketing
Partner – Investor in
Biologicamente YouTube


Biologically, it is a YouTube channel started by Dani, my girlfriend, a biologist who is incredibly passionate about biology and birds, with only 3 videos it reached hundreds of thousands of people, the quality of the content is simply exceptional at an educational level.

We decided to develop this project not only through YouTube, but we also wanted to create a website that allows to connect and help both teachers and students, in addition to creating a network of allies that allows us to create better content through collaborations.

We dream that tomorrow we can travel and capture incredible moments in contact with nature, and we can bring knowledge and experiments to many places in the world.

Partner and Leader in Innovation and Marketing at

I help many entrepreneurs and I love the passion that most of them have, an overwhelming enthusiasm that does not stop them. A StartUp named Expert hired me as a Consultant, I liked the project so much and these girls, seeing that it contributed a lot to them, offered me to be a partner, so today I am also working to expand this StartUp that helps experts in the areas of psychology, coaching, nutrition and fitness to promote themselves and get more clients both in person and online . By having an online solution, the costs of the services are very good in addition to providing a lot of peace of mind having video-consultations from home through chat or video-calls.

Partner and CMO of

More Doctors, connects specialist doctors with patients. The demand for specialists in Colombia and the problem of current systems to make an appointment in the short term is well known. This is a business that solves waiting times, high costs and family limitations when needing a specialist.

I am a partner of this business that started at the beginning of the year 2019 and that has escalated in an incredible way, the solution that Colombians needed to obtain an appointment with specialist doctors in less than 72 hours and that benefits up to 7 family members, including transportation, dental emergencies and much more.

El equipo de mas medicos

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