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Group Counseling Program

for entrepreneurs who want results

Say goodbye to the courses!

Tired of buying courses (some that you never finish) and listening to gurus without getting results?

It is overwhelming the number of courses that promise you heaven and earth, but do not provide support.

Do you want to know if this is for you?

We give you a 30-minute session of personalized strategic advice.

Limited places

Jedi Master

Nicolas Guerrero

An experience straightforward and to the point, I share tactics and strategies applicable to your business, under a logic of action and weekly monitoring that will force you to obtain results.

  • Marketing Consultant.
  • More than 10 years of international experience in digital business.
  • With clients in 8 countries.
  • CMO and Co-founding Partner of Más médicos.
  • Partner at Experto E.
  • Partner at Biológicamente.
  • Specialist in web development, SEO, Google and Facebook campaigns, email marketing, automation, CRM and funnels.

Jedi Master

Wilber Ortiz

Marketing, Technology and Innovation for growing companies, I love seeing how Digital Marketing helps companies improve their return on investment.

  • Director at
  • CDO at
  • Expert in handling CMS (including WordPress).
  • I am easy to adapt to people and processes, I am happy to be able to help them and be a means for them to achieve their goals.
  • Digital Director & amp; IT in a Digital Signage company.
  • Experience in the media, as a host and producer of successful radio shows.


You will join a group with biodiversity of businesses and projects that feed
collaboration, networking and learning.

The objective is: learn and execute

(This is the most important thing!)

Marketing is crucial for any business, but these days EVERYONE talks about digital marketing like experts. It is true that it is important, it is true that you have to have a presence in social networks, that there are many tools to automate processes, but none of that works without a strategy.

That is why I wanted to develop a group counseling program , where you can receive live online guidance regarding strategies for your business, which you can put into practice as you learn and receive feedback from me and the group you are in.

Do you really want
your business to grow?

Then it works! Honestly, this program is not for people looking for shortcuts. To see results, you will have to attend the weekly sessions and really commit to fulfilling the tasks that are asked of you. It is not enough to be told what to do, you MUST DO IT, and it is okay if you don’t know how, in how you will receive guidance and support.

I invite you to the Learn and Undertake program, a circle of execution, focus and business growth, in which you will not only learn, you will know the next steps to take to move forward with your company, training in digital marketing, tools, funnels, and everything you need to learn applicable in real time.

How does the program work?

This is what you receive to propel your online project to new levels of success. Everything explained transparently, bluntly and from scratch.

Evolution Sessions

The ultimate cure for procrastination and inaction in your projects.

Each week we will evaluate the progress of your projects based on the objectives set, you will be assigned tasks, and you will receive feedback and advice from Nick and / o Wilber joined the group members.

Live workshops

Every week you will receive a high-level class with Nick and / or Wilber, models, techniques, tools and strategies to boost your business.

You will learn what you really need to apply in your business in relation to traffic generation, content, social networks, advertising, and sales.

Private group on WhatsApp

You have direct access to a digital marketing expert, literally in the palm of your hand.

Every 5-10 people enter a private WhatsApp group where you can consult with Nick and / or Wilber and receive responses in less than 24 hours.</ p>

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For whom is designed the group consultancies in entrepreneurship and marketing program?

This is for entrepreneurs! Those people with the vision of developing a business idea or those who already have a business and want to scale it, is for those who want to learn about marketing and process automation.

Basically, this is for you if you have one of these profiles:


In the event that you have a small or medium-sized company (SME) and you want to scale to the digital world and bring more traffic to your business in order to achieve more clients, this is ideal for you because you can apply actions that will lead you to achieve results in less time than others.

You may be a real estate consultant, have a flower shop or a restaurant, through the program you will discover specific actions that you can take.


Let’s say you have a startup, or you are developing a business idea, then you can take advantage of the program to take your business to the next level. </ p >

Regardless of whether you don’t have the business idea yet, I will help you analyze your strengths and look for business opportunities based on them. Your talent can lead you to develop content, courses, digital or tangible products that satisfy many people.


Maybe you already know about marketing, you are a community manager, or you are linked in some way to a company, and you are looking for a way to increase or improve the results of your company or your clients. In that case you will also find the program very useful since you will be able to show what you do and receive feedback and suggestion of strategies and opportunities for improvement that will help you to see yourself better in your company or with your clients.

Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves today, tomorrow may be too late

Why can’t you get
results on the internet?

It is very difficult and time-consuming to learn everything necessary for your specific business to grow. It is not just having an idea, it is proving that this idea works, that it has a market, bringing it to reality and selling it. Doing it alone and without guidance makes everything much more complicated.

Seeking help, asking and receiving guidance is the best thing an entrepreneur can do to test his business ideas in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost and thinking about getting results from starting with people who have already achieved results and who have real experience.

What can you learn with
2 agency directors?

You can learn to design and create a website with strategic content to sell better, you can also learn Organic Positioning (SEO), Paid Positioning (SEM), Social Media Management and Advertising by Segmentation, Email Marketing and Automation, Plugins and Tools to boost your business and of course you will learn to measure results to evaluate your strategies and optimize them.


Listen to those who have worked with me.

Strategies to
Strategies to
Strategies to
Strategies for


We can teach you to create and carry out strategic marketing plans to optimize results through a variety of digital tools that many today know how to use, but few know how to take advantage.

We talk about planning, creating funnels, automating, using a CRM, measuring every important step in the process of traffic generation, lead acquisition, conversion, integration of digital channels, customer service, loyalty and much more so as not to allow the competition to overtake you and see the results you dream of.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does the program consist of?

It is a coaching program for entrepreneurs led by Nick and Wilber, an international expert in digital business with clients in different countries. The program includes online training and advisory sessions, review, and direction of efforts so that you carry out actions that allow you to obtain results and consult an expert when you need to.

What happens if I miss live events?

We try to record each class, so you can review later, however keep in mind that you make the most of the live sessions to interact.

What do I need to register?

To participate you require a computer, internet access and availability of 4 hours a week to participate in the online sessions and implement what you need to advance in your business.

What if I still don’t have a clear idea to undertake?

You will have Nick’s support to develop an idea, receive suggestions and perform exercises to identify a business model that can grow based on your strengths.

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This is a coaching program for digital entrepreneurs, with everything you need to succeed in your online business.

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No contracts or obligations,
you can cancel at any time.