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Why is it important to have SEO positioning in Google?

What is SEO? Let’s start by understanding that SEO comes from the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, basically it refers to the work of optimizing web pages so that they are better qualified by Google and thus appear in the search results that a user performs.

We work on SEO by generating content that is relevant to your target audience and we also work on what is called SEO ON PAGE, which basically tries works on reducing the weight of the pages so that they load faster, optimize the content of the pages and correctly configure URLs and everything that comes to be the metadata. In addition to managing with Google the indexation of the web pages.

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We position your website wherever you are. Our experts are scattered around the world, but willing to work to achieve results. The world is small when we are connected.

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How do we rank your web pages?

Select the SEO Package that best suits your needs and after making the payment, we summarize the web positioning process in 3 steps.

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01. SEO and Target Audience Analysis

The first thing is to understand the objectives and relevant search terms that the business has.

There are two ways to do it, one is through the management of a brief document that will be the input for the SEO expert and content writer, and the other is through a meeting directly with the person in charge of carrying out the SEO strategy of the website.

The idea is that we can be clear about the informational and transactional search terms that are important, and thus we can understand what content would be relevant in each case for the target audience.

02. Content Generation

We define a strategic content plan so that the blog content writer can develop articles that match what your potential customers are looking for.

Depending on the SEO plan you have chosen, we will work on the creation, cover or thumbnail design, and publication of the articles for your Blog.

At the same time, our SEO expert takes care of configuring the Google Search Console tool, with which you can see exactly how Google recognizes which pages generate traffic and through which search terms.

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03. On-Page SEO Optimization

At this stage, the SEO expert analyzes the data in the Google Search Console tool, to optimize the web pages defined in your SEO Plan and the Blog articles. It even performs actions to index in Google in less time what are the pages of your website.

Based on the analysis, our expert may be optimizing URLs, making redirects, creating links, updating titles, descriptions, page performance, tags and everything that comes to be structured data or metadata.

The goal here is to get Google to recognize the pages of your website and to optimize the relationship between search terms and the content that is presented to users through your pages.

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