97 USD

1 hora de 1 hour Audit in Digital Marketing for your Business

Online Consulting in Digital Marketing for entrepreneurs or businessmen who seek to boost their businesses on the Internet. Whether you are entering the world of digital marketing for the first time, or you want to improve your current digital marketing strategies.

They will receive complete advice through the internet, via meet or zoom, for 60 minutes without interruptions, without having to travel or go to an expensive marketing agency that does not focus on the core of the business but on selling their services.

How will we make the most of these 60 minutes of Online Audit?

We can take advantage of this hour to carry out an audit and receive opportunities for improvement on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) or on your positioning strategy on Google (Search Console, Analytics, Ads).

Why an audit?

  • We save you time and money
  • We analyze your digital assets
  • We evaluate your current strategy
  • You receive an action plan

WHAT YOU GET: .pdf or .jpg file of the scheme drawn in Miro with all the improvement opportunities detected.

NOTE: If we take a little more than 60 minutes, NOTHING HAPPENS! The most important thing is that through the Online Audit we identify opportunities for improvement so that you can boost your business on the web.


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